06 Dec 2018

The Value of Your Difference

As human beings, we are all different.

Much is made at work about diversity and inclusion.

This assumes a certain kind of ‘mainstream’ of people who are alike, operate in the same way and fit a ‘mould’ of knowledge, behaviours and ways of operating.

My assertion is that there is no such thing.  We are all different in some way…at best, people in the mainstream match – or have learned to match 60% of the expected norms and behaviours commonly called the ‘mainstream.’

In the Authentic You Community, we focus on the 100% self.  True, you need to know ‘how to get along and progress’ according to what works in an organisation.  But is there a way of communicating your ‘Authentic Self’ in a way that the ‘mainstream’ expectations can hear?

This is what our community will be working on in Q3 2019.

You can start to explore this for yourself by reflecting on the kinds of differences contained in the graphic below.




  • Which of these differences reflect who you are?
  • How do they combine to create a unique difference in you?
  • How does this difference you provide contribute value to the projects, teams, people you work with?
  • How can you communicate this value in a way that the ‘mainstream’ can hear you?

During Q3 2019, we will be applying various tools and techniques to develop your thinking in this area.

In the meantime, you are welcome to play with these concepts and drop me an email with your thoughts to info@equalitypioneers.com.


I look forward to hearing from you!

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