Espresso Workshops
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  • Are you looking to motivate or engage your team?
  • Are you looking to empower the diverse communities in your organisation to reach their full potential?
  • Are you looking to drive your diverse talent pipelines?

If so, we can help. We can deliver 90-minute, lite-bite keynote sessions for up to 60 participants. Each one has been designed to maximise the learning and value within the time allocated.  All organisational members of The Equality Pioneers Movement at Advocate Level and above have access to two espresso workshops.  Below is a list of current workshops…and we are continually adding to them.

For increasingly deeper insights and actionable tools/strategies, each of these workshops are also available as a half-day workshop for up to 50 participants or a two day workshop for up to 20 participants.  All members of The Equality Pioneers Movement at Champion and above have access to a full day’s worth of workshops.

About each keynote / workshop

Each of our workshops fall into one of three categories – explore, engage or embed. We have outlined a brief summary of each workshop – but can provide more detailed information about the content of each one on request.  .

  • Values that match the authentic you – an exploration of values, their relevance in an individual context and how they can be used to understand why the individual loses power and motivation as well as how having clear values provides an access to success.
  • A vision and purpose that zings – enquiry into a vision and purpose that is consistent with your authentic self and how that can support career progress.
  • A value proposition that shows your shine – how to identify and articulate a value proposition to the organisation that is clear, authentic and that communicates with impact.
  • Five strategies for success – a review of the challenges identified in our research with over 1,000 women and strategies to move beyond those challenges.
  • A new script for your life – a timeline based exploration to source disempowering conversations from decisions made in early professional life – concluding with creation of new scripts that transform those limiting conversations.
  • A positive approach to conflict – an ability to relate to conflict as an opportunity to understand others and increase creativity / innovation at work.
  • Choose powerfully and win your battles – how to decide whether to further a conflicting situation or walk away in the interests of the team and organisation as well as self.
  • Expand your opportunity map – creative exploration of career possibilities beyond what is obliviously available.


  • A professional brand that gets you known – understand the importance of an engaging professional brand and how to define it based on the authentic self rather than a desired story.
  • Freedom and ease with all of life – how to free oneself from disempowering thoughts and manage all of life’s demands through simple structures and a free mind.
  • Build a career while your family grows – strategies and approaches for managing specific demands related to the challenges of building a career with family demands.
  • A new way of listening – how to connect at a deep level, with the whole self – in a way that creates a profound level of trust and relatedness.
  • The fine art of influencing through persuasion – how to influence by engaging positively with others from a position of trust and mutual success.
  • Embrace and manage your inner diva – acknowledge and expand what makes you shine while accepting and having compassion for the ‘nastiness’ that exists within each of us as human beings.
  • Make organisational norms, expectations and the pervasive culture your allies – how to work with your environment in a resilient way that works for you and your environment.
  • Get your message out there – tools and techniques for communicating with the whole self and a broad audience in a way that raises awareness of your professional brand.
  • Plan your future – win your game – apply our ‘Plan on a Page’ method to design goals and milestones towards achieving breakthrough results.
  • Cultivate executive sponsorship – how to access and develop relationships with executives in a way that they become your champions whilst bringing your management along with you.
  • A virtual board that works for you – identify and build relationships with a team of champions who will support and promote your progress.
  • Show your value – how to communicate your proposition and negotiate effectively.
  • A toolkit for managing your self talk – our proven techniques to quiet the inner-voice that gets in your way.
  • Be authenticate and empowered – own your place on the Alpha vs Fluffy spectrum – a diagnostic based workshop to identify your authentic propensity along the spectrum from extreme masculine to extreme feminine characteristics, enabling you to own that position in a way that empowers you.
  • Persuade without direct authority – how to engage people in your work with freedom and ease.
  • Manage your profile with impact – how to make sure you are known and in demand for your proposition.

Authentic You Workshop

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  • Are you looking to increase your personal impact and show your value?
  • Do you want to be recognised and rewarded for the value you add…but it is not happening fast enough?
  • Are you dealing with a challenging situation or colleague?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any one of these questions, our Authentic You – Accelerate Your Future workshop could be just what you are looking for.

This two-day workshop enables female leaders at Director level or with Director potential to identify, articulate and communicate their unique contribution and value at work in a way that is authentic and has an impact.  You will identify the unique value you provide at work and focus on the best ways to communicate this such that people in your organisation take notice.

Read on to find out how, as well as what previous participants say, programme content and to join as a Total Parity Pioneer.

Your investment in the programme is just £1197

To secure you place, book online, email: or call: 0203 362 2940


Day 1 Be clear on Authentic You – your Passion, Purpose and Proposition

 Passion:                       What you really care about; your standards and values

Purpose:                      What you are here to do

Proposition:               Your unique offer at work

You will articulate what really matters to you, what you are good at and what you contribute at work that is valuable and different such that you are able to communicate your offer with authenticity and confidence.

 Day 2…Show Your Value – be known, valued and appreciated for your contribution 

 Day 2 guides you through the important steps in packaging your unique offer, enabling you to communicate it with impact to those that need to know.  You will identify your:

Virtual Board:          The key influencers, champions and knowledge sources for success

Key Stakeholders:   A map of the people you need to influence in order to move up

Impact Strategy:      Next steps for being noticed and acknowledged for your true potential

 You will leave day 2 with:

  • A list of the key players in your future success
  • A clear plan for communicating your ‘Core Essence’ with impact
  • An understanding of what it takes to ensure consistency, constancy and congruency in communicating your value proposition

Course Information

 Time:   10.30 – 17.30                                                              

Programme Dates:  We have four dates scheduled for 2018.  Just pick the one that works for you:

23+26 March 2018

29 June + 2 July 2018

12+15 October 2018

9+12 November

Location:       Liverpool Street, London


Watch case studies from Jane and Becca:


“This workshop is excellent if you want to let go of negative thoughts, articulate your value proposition with impact and take control of your career.

Ashley – Finance Director – Global Insurer

“Fantastic way to clarify your goals, get to know yourself professionally and
how to take actions to achieve your success.  Builds your confidence as you go – highly recommend it!  Helped clarify my purpose and direction”

Justine – Managing Director – Training Organisation