JOIN OUR NEXT RETREAT – 2-9 April 2020


  • DELICIOUS HEALTHY DIET – explore fresh, nourishing food that nurtures your body whilst increasing your knowledge of how to cleanse, nurture and strengthen from the inside out. Blend with rejuvenating visits to the local Arabian Hammam for relaxation combined with enjoyable activities that fuse fitness with mindfulness to ensure a whole and holistic detox.
  • DE-STRESS through active and contemplative heartful Sufi meditation – reaching beyond the separation of thoughts and feelings to an integrated connection and intuitive understanding of our place in the world.
  • DEVELOP STRENGTH by uncovering and owning the ‘Authentic You’. Become clear about your passions, your purpose and your unique contribution to the world around you. Connect deeply with your values and what you want for your future life and lifestyle.
  • DISCOVER that it is possible to create a new way of living that works even with the hustle and bustle of modern life. Explore how ancient traditions and modern technology have blended to provide innovative and sustainable solutions…and reflect on how you can bring these ingenious principles into your own life.

In short – freedom to be yourself – with a whole new blueprint for your future – your customised diet plan, health plan, personalised meditation, vision and concrete next steps.  You can access the full programme, meals and accommodation from the time you arrive at Marrakesh Airport to the time you depart for just £2500.  To reserve your place for 2-9 April with a deposit of £250, just click here


…Tired of working so hard…searching for healthy work/life balance

…Wondering what your future could be…where you fulfil on an inspiring vision for you life

…ready to prioritise you, your family and your dreams

Join us to find a whole new routine & lifestyle that you can continue with back at home

This is an invitation to, simply stop…step off life’s treadmill…and retreat on a journey to rediscover the special uniqueness of that most important and fascinating person…YOU…..

Over the years, have you have found yourself losing sight of your true goals, your time so filled with “busy-ness”, constant pressures great and small, so focused on being a “human doing”, that you’ve perhaps forgotten the importance of self discovery, self nurture and the pure childlike joy of simply “being”?

Join us to enjoy a nourishing holiday and leave with a new blueprint for your future.

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Our seven day Heartfulness retreat in the peace, clear air and glorious nature of an authentic mountain village in the Atlas Mountains offers individual techniques and guidance from highly qualified and widely experienced practitioners to help bring a whole new perspective to your life and get your life back.

  • You’ll learn how natural living is possible even with the busiest lifestyles – bringing you calm, clarity and conscious self-direction.
  • You’ll leave with a new ability to take a mindful approach to your life – navigate through the challenges you face in life and come out on top.
  • You will have designed a whole new lifestyle that works for you – body, mind and spirit – that is easy to bring back to your daily life.
  • You will be shown new lifestyle techniques based on heartful meditation and mindfulness techniques that will enable you to stay grounded and strong when you are back home.
Bring peace, fun and fulfilment to your life with our 4D approach to HEARTFULNESS…enjoy cooking and eating with our Delicious healthy dietDe-stress with heartful Sufi meditation…Develop strength to be valued and communicate who you really are…Discover new ways to live your life whilst relaxing in the traditional Arabian hamam, enjoying pure air and natural beauty with our energising walks and visits…find the real you and leave with a new blueprint for your future.