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Why be an AuthenticYou Member?

  • Do you know what makes you different and valued?
  • Are you achieving everything you want to at work?
  • Do you have the right strategies, tools and mindset required for success?

If you are dealing with some of these challenges, AuthenticYou Membership could be just what you are looking for.  Read on to find out more and join us…

You can invest deeply in your future by joining as an Advocate Member and benefit from all the online community benefits including the four top courses that we know to enable success, learn together with other members of the community and connect with people like you globally.  You can also join as an Explorer Member for just the the online courses once a month.

Option 1 - Explorer Member

For the very affordable £10 a month membership, our Explorer Members  join our monthly 'Strategy & Tools' conversations.  You will gain new approaches and mindset techniques to:

  • Deal effectively with conflict, and imposter syndrome
  • Refine and clarify your vision, values, passion and priorities
  • Develop your unique value proposition: what you have to offer that is different, sought after - and may have been hidden before
  • Increase your Executive Presence

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Option 2 - Upgrade to Advocate Member, and also benefit from:

'The AuthenticYou Community Hub' through our mobile app which contains  all our zoom call 'Strategy & Tools Call' recordings, knowledge nuggets and the intersectional forums where you will meet and uplift yourself and people like you.  You will also receive Monday Maximisers to deepen your practice of the tools, strategies and mindset techniques; Tuesday Tips with additional tools and Friday Fun with amusing takes on the topic we are exploring.

Monthly group coaching call with our head coach - Ishreen Bradley.

Invitation to International Parity at Work Day Events - An inspiring start to the new year with people who are committed to ensuring parity at work.

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Option 3 -  In addition to all the benefits of Explorer and Advocate membership, Champion Members get a full year of email support from our mentors and an engaging 2-day course to create and fulfil on your unique value proposition:

'Ask the Mentor' online supportYou know how you sometimes get challenged or really stuck - and just want some ideas on how to move forward?  Our online 'Ask the Mentor' facility enables you to do just that.  Submit a question through the site and one of our Equality Champions will get back to you within 48 hours with 3-5 ideas on how others have dealt with the challenge you are facing successfully.  You can then have more information from which to decide how you will proceed to resolve the challenge.

Authentic You - Accelerate to your Future. Our impactful 2 day workshop that enables you to connect with your unique proposition and communicate it powerfully.  Click here to find out more about this programme that is delivered in the City of London.

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AuthenticYou Membership provides a safe & private forum for you to speak and be heard.

It also provides a place where you can develop your skills through 4 x 12 week courses on an ongoing basis.  More information on these course below.

These courses will run consecutively  through webinar based 'Strategy & Tools Calls' and are open to all members.

In addition, our Champion and Pioneer Members benefit from: live Q&A, online resources and a private membership community. It will provide you with ongoing guided self-development  that is practical, applied to what you are dealing with and produces results.

Each course consists of:

-  3 Live Strategy & Tools Calls per course which take place on the first Monday of each month.  The webinars are recorded and available to Advocate, Champion and Pioneer members in case you can't make it live.

- supplementary online resources and communications to support the topic

- a live Q&A group coaching conversation on the third Monday of every month to support you with whatever you are dealing with.

If you are committed to success in your career and are looking for a way to find that ‘hidden’ knowledge…why not join our community?

Why I created AuthenticYou

Do you want to progress in your career but find that you are stuck because you are not sure how to handle certain situations?

  • Do you find your direct approach gets you into trouble? OR does your tendency to avoid conflict get in the way of your progress?
  • Do the conversations you have in your head stop you from taking actions that you know will benefit you?
  • Do you hide your difference rather than celebrate and communicate the positive contribution it makes?

Many of the people I meet with in my work say they face these challenges, and it is becoming clear that they have to invest in themselves if they are to progress at the rate they are capable of.

I am Ishreen Bradley - founder of Equality Pioneers, and my passion in life is that everyone gets a fair crack at success in their careers.

This requires awareness about certain ways of working and communicating in large organisations.

Such insights about ways of working are widely understood by the ‘mainstream’, but if you are on the edges…and maybe slightly different from the ‘mainstream’, you may find that these ways of thinking and working can feel somewhat alien. You get a sense that success depends on more than working hard, being a good person and following the published operating procedures…but there is just something you can’t put your finger on.

Professionals who are not from the majority community need  to access these ‘hidden’ practices  - no matter what your difference - whether you are a South Asian Single Mother…or a Jewish South African gay man…or another specific group that you self-identify with...

…there needs to be a place where you can access the skills that seem natural to the ‘mainstream’

…a safe place where you can have confidential conversations with people like you.

That is why I created the ‘AuthenticYou Community’

Click here to become an AuthenticYou Member Now
+44 (0) 20 3362 2940
or Email: Click Here  to find out more

AuthenticYou Community - Detailed Information

Benefits of Membership:

An enabling community in which you get to:

  1. Know AuthenticYou
  2. Quieten your ‘self-talk’
  3. Connect with and get advice from people like you
  4. Deal powerfully with conflict
  5. Amplify the benefit your difference contributes and show your unique value

4 Essential Courses to Power Up your Career - All Members

  • Conflict - A Constructive Approach
  • Deal Powerfully with your Self-Talk
  • Maximise your Difference Value
  • Show up consistently as your Best Self

In addition to the 4 courses, Advocate Members benefit from:

Knowledge Nuggets:  Access 'how to' guides, self evaluation, checklists and quizzes to develop your knowledge of yourself and how to work effectively with others.

You can use these resources to identify the distinct difference you make at work and focus on the best ways to communicate this in order that people in your organisation take notice.

Your membership will enable you to identify, articulate and communicate your unique contribution and value at work in a way that is authentic and has an impact.

You will also develop yourself to be more effective when things don’t go according to plan – or upset you.  Our intention is that you as a professional in our community will progress in your career in a way that inspires and nurtures you.

Online Community Forumswhere you can ask questions, get quick input on what you are dealing with and share your accomplishments with people you relate to and who understand your specific situation!

Focused and relevant:          As well as the main AuthenticYou discussion forum, you can start up a new forum for a specific group that you want to connect with.  All you need is to attract at least 10 other people who are interested in the same topic.  Examples of fora that people are currently creating are: fathers at work, sports women, autistic assets, wisdom of age.

Contribute:   You can share your experience, skills and expertise with professionals at different stages in their career

Network:       Connect to share a coffee in your city or meet when you travel abroad, allowing you to access different cultures and talents

Blogs, Vlogs, White Papers and ebooks: As a member of The Authentic You Community, you have access to premium content that is not released to 'free' members.  The latest research, byte sized guides and specific learning opportunities based on what our community is dealing with will be available to our Champion and Pioneer members.

What you will get from the Authentic You Membership Course Programme

Conflict - A constructive Approach

In this course, you will:

  • Learn about how you and others behave in conflict situations so that you can develop effective ways to respond to and manage situations where to feel challenged
  • Understand that conflict is natural, healthy and does not need to be avoided
  • Focus beyond personality conflict to the facts of the situation
  • Appreciate other people’s responses to conflict as the conflict situation deepens and gain a range of responses which will inform your future actions
  • Have on the court practice in current conflict situations that arise during the course

Deal Powerfully with your Self Talk

This course is all about how we avoid giving ourselves the best opportunities at work because the conversations we have with ourselves get in the way.

You will:

  • Become clear on what you stand for and your non-negotiables
  • Create a solid foundation for the AuthenticYou to emerge – let go of those conversations you have with yourself that hold you back
  • Develop a portfolio of positive ways to relate to yourself.
  • Become clear on your Vision, Values, Passion, Purpose and Proposition so that you can experience yourself at your best.
  • Deal more effectively with the challenges that get in the way of your success:

Maximise your Difference Value

In this course, you will:

  • Understand what makes you stand out and what’s different about you that adds value at work
  • What is unique about the way you engage with others and how you make others feel that enables more effective working relationships
  • What knowledge and skills you have that will support the purpose you created in Course 2
  • Start to define your value proposition to the organisation and how your professional brand supports that
  • Identify what you have to pay attention to so that you maximise your difference value

Show up Consistently as your Best Self

In this course, you will:

  • Understand what makes you stand out and what’s different about you that adds value at work
  • Match the value you bring to your role/organisation and look at how to amplify it through your advocates. Know who you have to get on board and start to make those connections
  • Create a goal for the next year that will have an impact and get you noticed in a good way
  • Have a plan for achieving your goal
  • Identify the gaps you need to fill in terms of skills and relationships

Click here to become an AuthenticYou Member Now
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