16 Aug 2018

Ishreen Bradley on Advisory Committee for WISE / Amazon's Inspiring Women in Innovation Research

IshreenWISE and Amazon have partnered to look at the engagement of Women in Innovation across the UK. I am honoured and delighted to be on the advisory committee for this very important research,  the purpose of which is to create a roadmap to encourage more women into innovation focused roles by combining quantitative and qualitative analysis highlighting that innovation is a key driver in STEM industries and that women are a key component of this.

Please click here to participate in the research and help us:

  • Identify how and why women in innovation got into their careers.
  • Clarify the benefits of working in innovative careers.
  • Identify the contribution women are making to innovation in technology and the benefits it brings to business and the economy.
  • Understand the motivation, drivers and sources of inspiration among innovating women in tech.
  • Identify key life-stage moments for women considering starting/leaving a career in innovation and how they navigated them.
  • Evaluate the impact of current policy initiatives on diversity in STEM industries and where these can be strengthened.
  • Explore the potential for using the language of innovation to inspire women’s involvement in science, engineering and technology and suggest practical actions for companies, universities and learned societies seeking to increase the participation of women in research and development.

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